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semi-hiatus, queue ON.
yo! c: this is my anime blog, it is multifandom!
it may contain spoilers!!
song: light your heart up from kill la kill ost
hi im julie and i love basketball homos. loser desu

Painting hope just for the two of us, there’s the start line.

Miracles Week || Day 7: Free Throw
Free Day: OT3 (Kagami - Kuroko - Kise)

One of shittiest humanist you ever meet, Orihara Izaya.

Happy Birthday Lina!!

i didn’t know you had such self hatred


W   H   A   T    I   S    T   H   I   S   ?   !

Hyouka Mystery Cases [2/2]

「 That’s exactly why stress just kept building up. 」